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Which Is Better?Mesh Coil vs. Regular Coil

12/28/2023, 9:28:13 AM 686

What is a mesh coil?

The vape coil acts as the heart of your vape by heating up and vaporizing the e-liquid. Mesh, typically made from Kanthal or Nichrome etched into a grid, increases the metal surface area that contacts your wicking material (usually cotton). The mesh coil has a larger surface area than traditional coils and numerous holes with a flat design to increase heating area for your e-liquid. This produces more heat than your e-liquid can handle, resulting in large and dense vapors with a flavorful taste.

What’s the difference between mesh coil and regular coil?

There are many good reasons to try mesh coils. Mesh coils let you vaporize a large amount of e-liquid all at once. This means you get more vapor and better flavor without any spitting or popping noises.

Performance comparison

Flavor comparison