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What’s The Difference Between Pods and Mods?

12/21/2023, 9:19:16 AM 1002

Vaping has surged in popularity over the past decade, with tens of thousands of individuals in the US opting for this smoking alternative. The product’s fame stems from its expansive assortment, which encompasses vaping devices, e-liquids, and more.

Among the two most effortlessly accessible vaping devices are pods and mods. If you’re a novice vaper, you might be curious about the key distinctions between the two. We’ve got you covered in this article, as we’ll be covering all you need to know about mods and pods.

What Is a Pod Mod?

As mentioned previously, a pod mod is a vape device that incorporates the best attributes of a pod vaping system and a full-sized vape mod.

A conventional pod system is a compact vape device that stores its e-juice in a disposable plastic pod.

You may refill and reuse the pod until its flavor profile begins to alter. Once that occurs, discard the pod and switch to a fresh one. The most notable highlights of a pod system are its portability, user-friendly nature, and convenience.

A vape mod stores e-liquid in a glass tank with a replaceable atomizer coil. While larger and heavier than pod systems, vape mods offer better battery life and vapor production. Performance and flexibility are the primary features of a vape mod.

A pod mod offers the performance of a full-sized vape mod, but stores its e-liquid in a pod instead of a traditional glass tank. By combining these two elements, a pod mod offers an enticing upgrade option for owners of smaller pod systems seeking larger clouds but lacking interest in full-sized vape mods.

What Is a Pod Kit?

A pod device is a compact and lightweight vape device that utilizes a pod instead of a traditional tank to hold the coil and e-liquid.

A pod device is a compact and lightweight vape device that utilizes a pod instead of a traditional tank to hold the coil and e-liquid. It includes a battery and offers portability, making it convenient to carry around in your pocket. Pod devices are frequently used with nicotine salts for a smoother experience and an intense nicotine hit, which appeals to new vapers attempting to quit smoking.

Pods are available in two types – open pod devices and closed pod devices. With open pod devices, users can refill the pod with their preferred e-liquid, while closed pod devices come pre-filled with e-liquid and aren’t refillable. Both types require minimal knowledge of vaping and are user-friendly.

Pod Vs Mod: What’s the Difference?

Now that we have covered the basics of pods and mods, let us take a closer look at their differences:  

  • Size and Portability

Pod devices are much smaller and lightweight than mods, which makes them ideal for vapers on the go. Mods, on the other hand, can be bulkier and may need a bit more space when being carried around.  

  • Power and Performance

Mods are generally more powerful than pods and offer a higher level of customization to suit your preferences. Pods, while less powerful, are still capable of giving a satisfying vape experience.  

  • Ease of Use

Pods are much easier to use than mods, making them ideal for beginners looking for a hassle-free experience. Mods on the other hand can be complex and require a little bit more knowledge of vaping.  

  • Price and Affordability

Pods are generally more affordable than mods making them perfect for vapers on a budget. A pod usually starts from £15- £20, whereas a mod starts from £25 – £30 and runs upwards.

What Are the Typical Features of a Pod Mod?

As you’ve probably already surmised, a pod mod is typically larger than a traditional pod vaping system. The larger size allows a pod mod to offer better battery life, more e-liquid storage and a larger atomizer coil that’s capable of producing bigger vapor clouds and delivering bolder flavors.

A pod mod is typically a bit smaller and more pocketable than a full-sized vape mod, though, and it still gives you the convenience of storing your e-liquid in a pod that’s quick to fill and easy to replace.

These are some of the additional features that you might find in a pod mod.

  • Adjustable power settings that allow you to dial in the level of vapor production and flavor intensity that you want.
  • Replaceable atomizer coils that make it possible for you to get the “new coil” flavor whenever you want it without discarding your entire pod. Some pod mods even have several different types of atomizer coils available, thus giving you even more options for customizing your vaping experience.
  • Higher-end materials. While it’s common for traditional pod systems to be constructed mostly from plastic, pod mods tend to use tougher metal alloys and may feature luxury trim options like leather.
  • Superior durability. Pod mods are often shockproof and may meet the IP67 standard for dust and water resistance.