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What is a pod system vape?

12/21/2023, 9:12:40 AM 891

A vape pod is a type of vape that has a battery and a “pod” instead of a vape tank. A pod still does the same job as a vape tank, holding the coil and e-liquid, but they are a sealed unit, and some do not have replaceable coils, while others are pre-filled with vape juice.

A pod vape, also known as a vape pod, is a modern take on the classic vaping device. It features a plastic pod instead of a glass chamber tank, which holds e-liquid and a vape coil to heat the juice. This device is a smaller and more convenient version of the traditional slim vape kit tank. The pod system’s mouthpiece is used for inhalation, and the pod is discarded once it has lost durability. Vape devices with a thread connection for a vape tank (usually a 510 connection) support multiple tanks to suit your preference. In comparison, vape pods usually only fit on one battery-powered pod kit, unless there are cross-compatible pod kits from one manufacturer.

The Pod Vape is Tailored for Beginners

Pod vape systems are a convenient option that falls between disposable e-cigarettes and vape mods. These all-in-one systems are user-friendly, easy to refill, and simple to change coils. For those new to vaping and overwhelmed by the many options available, finding the best vape can be a challenge. Disposables are a good choice for those who simply want a nicotine hit without the hassle of updating or refreshing the flavor. The device delivers the same hit every time until it runs out of power, at which point it should be discarded. A pod system is a more advanced option, offering a wider range of flavor choices, customizable settings on certain devices, and greater overall flexibility. There are two types of pod systems:

  1. A closed system is when the coil is not changeable and can even contain pre-filled e-liquid which can not be replaced. You then fix the pre-filled juice pods into the battery and begin vaping.
  2. Alternatively, you can pick an open pod system where you can change the coils (often push-fit coils that pop into place easily and are simple to remove) and also refill the e-liquid so many times.

Pods usually last for 4-5 days, depending on usage. Pre-filled pod systems may contain nicotine salt e-liquids for smoother delivery or traditional freebase nicotine, which provides a stronger throat hit.

If you are searching for a pod vape system that is compatible with your preferred e-liquid, make sure to check its compatibility first. As a general rule, devices that support high-resistance coils work well with nic-salts and a high PG/low VG ratio. Pod vape systems typically operate by inhaling, eliminating the need for a firing button with each use. This streamlined approach provides a more user-friendly experience that closely resembles smoking.