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What Are Vape Pod Kits?

12/21/2023, 9:00:04 AM 658

A pod vape, also known as a vape pod, is the classic vaping device reimagined for modern e-cigarette inhalation. Instead of a tank with a glass chamber, you have a plastic pod. Both contain an area to hold e-liquid and space for a vape coil to heat your vape juice.

Vape pod kits are convenient devices that make it easier to transition away from tobacco smoking. Major vape manufacturers have increased production of pod devices to meet demand. But what are pod kits?

Sikary has years of experience in all vape varieties and tests almost every pod vape kit upon release.Today, we would like to use our experience to inform you better and answer the question of every beginner vaper: ‘What are vape pod kits?’

What Are Vape Pod Kits?

Vape pod kits, also known as e-cigarette pod kits, are a highly popular type of vape. Unlike traditional vapes, which feature replaceable batteries and glass and steel screw-in tanks, pod kits have an acrylic pod tank and internal battery.

They also have coils, but these do not require the user to twist or loop a kanthal wire to achieve the correct ohm and wick cotton.A compatible pod replacement coil can be picked up and installed into the mentioned acrylic pod tank after priming it with e-liquid. The coil type varies.

Pod systems offer a more streamlined vaping experience for beginner vapers, although they often include fewer features than traditional tank and battery vapes. Even experienced vapers often keep a backup pod kit or two due to the convenience and portability of these devices.

What Are the Types of Pod Vapes?

In general, there are two types of popular pod vape kits – closed and open. Closed pod systems feature pre-filled vape pods (with built-in coils). On the other hand, open pod kits have vape pods that allow you to replenish the e-liquid.  

  • Closed Pod Vapes: Comes with prefilled vape pod that is also equipped with fixed/built-in coils. More convenient and fuss-free, but fewer vape juice flavour options and nicotine strengths.
  • Open Pod Vapes: Uses refillable pods with a rubber hatch that allows you to add an e-liquid of your choice. Some have fixed/pre-fitted coils, which means you’ll have to replace the entire tank once the coil is used up. Others have interchangeable coils, so you can dispose of the old coil without throwing out the tank and try different coil ohms. Although it offers more options and freedom of use, there are more opportunities for mistakes (incorrect e-liquid thickness, purchasing the wrong replacement coils, etc). If you bought an MTL pod kit, nicotine salts (nic salts) are the preferred vape juice.

What Are the Parts of A Vape Pod Kit?

A vape pod kit consists of a vape pod mod and the pod tank itself. Keep in mind that pod kits generally have fewer components than traditional vape kits and, as such, are easier to maintain and use frequently without running into hardware issues.

  • Vape Pod Mods: The battery casing you insert your pod into. Usually a rectangle or cylinder, sometimes featuring a display screen or airflow slider. Some pod mods have a firing button, whereas others rely on draw-activation to fire.
  • Vape Pod/Pod Tank: This is the acrylic cartridge, AKA tank. You will come across these three tanks for pod kits: