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Common Electronic Cigarette Trivia

1/11/2024, 1:48:05 PM 464

Why do air holes leak oil?

Reasons for oil leakage from air holes may include the oil compartment not being tightened, cracking of the gasket in the sealing compartment, installation of the atomiser gasket not being restored, or purchasing an inferior atomiser that results in a poor quality seal. In addition, the reason for oil leakage from DIY atomisers may be that the amount of cotton is too low.

Why do I get the feeling of frying when I smoke an e-cigarette?

The feeling of blowing up when you smoke an e-cigarette is usually because the heating wire is too close to the air outlet, which causes part of the oil to be pumped into the mouth directly through the air inlet channel without being atomised. Re-checking the position of the heating wire and adjusting the distance between the cotton wick and the air inlet can solve this problem.

Why is the clear reservoir bin I'm using cracked? Is there a way to fix it?

Transparent tanks are usually made of acrylic or PC material, and if they are not the right size for the hardware, they may crack under temperature changes. Once cracked, it is difficult to repair and usually requires a new reservoir. Additionally, vape oils with a high VG (vegetable glycerin) content may also cause the acrylic compartment to crack.

What is an atomiser short circuit? Is it dangerous?

Atomisers usually have positive and negative terminals at the bottom, usually using T-rubber or silicone as insulation. A short circuit is when the current bypasses the heating wire and creates a short at the bottom. If you are using a host with a protective circuit, it is usually not dangerous, just not working properly. However, with mechanical mainframes (e.g., pole or cassette), a short circuit can be a serious hazard. Therefore, in the event of non-functioning, it should be promptly checked and the cause identified.

How to generate a lot of smoke?

For beginners, we don't recommend trying to generate a large amount of smoke, as it requires a certain amount of accumulated knowledge on the subject. Generally speaking, high power, low resistance and high conduction speed will produce a lot of smoke, and this usually applies to dripping atomiser players.

Do atomisers burn out cotton wicks?

All atomisers have the potential to burn out the wick. The difference is that novice players may be too inexperienced, resulting in the wick being set too tightly or too far away from the oil guide hole, leading to poor oil supply and leaving the wick in a dry burning state. Or the initial power is too high, bringing too much heat to the hot wire, causing the surface of the cotton core to burn instantly. We promote the pursuit of the best balance of power and oil conduction speed, to avoid the problem of burning the core.

Why do oil drip atomisers get hot?

General oil drip atomisers are much shorter in length compared to oil storage atomisers and finished atomisers, and the hot wire generates more heat. During continuous smoking, the hot wire may not have cooled down completely before it fires up again, resulting in heat build-up, which is completely normal. However, players who install more than one hot wire should carefully check for short connections between the hot wires before closing the atomiser. Short connection may lead to the phenomenon of high heat, and it is easy to burn the hot wire off, which is a certain risk. If the atomiser is hot, you can try to reduce the number of hot wires or increase the resistance, and then increase the cotton to increase the cooling speed. For users of high-powered e-cigarette devices, trying to reduce the output power can usually solve the problem.

Why do I hear a zipping sound when I smoke my e-cigarette?

This is due to the sound produced by the hot wire as it vaporises the tobacco oil, which is usually more pronounced the greater the speed of the oil supply. A properly adjusted atomiser should produce a slight but pleasant sound.

The structure of the atomiser has an impact on the taste

Larger intakes and atomiser bins usually make the mouthfeel a little more spread out, while smaller intakes make the mouthfeel a little more focused.