WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

YOUTH PREVENTION (21+):for existing adult smokers and vapers only.


This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

youth prevention(21+):

for existing adult smokers and vapers only.

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The Best Wattage for Vaping: Choosing The Right Wattage

The term “wattage” is thrown around a lot in vaping, but what does it actually mean? When switching from cigarettes to vaping, there are so many exciting ways to customize your vaping experience – wattage is just one of them. Here, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of vape wattage to help you better understand what it is, why it’s important, and what levels might work best for you.


Some vapes allow you to adjust their wattage, while others, like disposable vapes, don’t. Different wattages can offer different vaping experiences, with some enhancing certain flavors, throat hits, and vapor production, while others allow for a smoother inhale and subtle clouds. Wattage isn’t the only thing that affects these types of experiences. Other factors such as the coil and the e-liquid used will also contribute.

Understanding Vaping Wattages

Vape wattage is simply a measurement of the electrical power your vape is operating at. The vape wattage plays a part in defining the temperature the e-liquid is heated to.


You don’t need to dive too deep into the science of wattages to understand the basics of how they work in vapes. What you do need to know is that different vape wattages work best in different devices. One feature that will affect the wattage you vape at is the coils you use.


For example, plus-ohm coils like the Sikary 1.2 Ohm Coil has a low recommended wattage range of 10-16W. This is because they have a high resistance and as a result, need less power to use them. These coils are best for the Mouth-to-Lung vaping style, and typically produce more subtle clouds.


Sub-ohm coils like the Sikary Mesh Coil 0.4 Ohm Coil are best for a higher, 60-70W range. They have a lower resistance than plus-ohm coils, and need more power to use them. These coils typically produce big clouds.


The types of coils compatible with your vape will depend on the specifics of the product you get. Find out more about vape coil variations and devices in our Beginner’s Guide to Vape Pens & Vape Devices.


Here are some of the main types of vapes which allow you to change their wattage. Not every device type will let you do this, so it’s worth checking the specific product details of the ones you’re considering.

Box Mod Kits

If you want the freedom to change your vaping wattage, box mod kits are a great option. These devices come with excellent battery life, and a chunkier design than other devices out there for those who like a bigger, more techy look.


Of all the vapes out there, box mod kits can offer some of the highest wattage options. However, they can come with different wattage ranges depending on the product.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are one of the most popular ways to vape. Vape pens allow you to customize your vaping experience, but offer a lighter, less bulky design than devices like box mods. For those who like their vapes sleek, but still customizable, vape pens can give you the best of both worlds.

Pod Systems

Pod systems are another top vaping device. These vapes occasionally come with adjustable wattage settings, and can either be draw activated or include a fire button. These vapes are unique from other devices out there. Instead of tanks, mod pod systems use refillable pods. These can come with built-in or interchangeable coils.

Why Is Vaping Wattage Important?

What we’ve covered so far is that the wattage you vape at can affect the vaping experience. Great news for any vaper who enjoys the details and technicalities of vaping, or for those who want a truly customisable experience.


If you’ve just started your vaping journey, and have only recently switched over to vaping from cigarettes, you might want an experience that’s similar to smoking, to help with the transition. Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) style vaping mimics the way you inhale a cigarette, but only certain coils, and therefore certain wattages, are best suited to this style. On the other hand, if you’re more after those nice big clouds, it might be better to look at a lower resistance, sub-ohm coils. These also only operate properly at certain recommended wattages.


The vape wattage can also affect the vape device itself. Sub-ohm vapes that use higher wattages can deplete the vape battery faster than lower-wattage, plus-ohm coils. Similarly, the coils themselves can also be affected by different wattages. If you use a higher wattage on a coil than that recommended, it can fail quicker.

What Wattage Should I Vape At?

The wattage you should vape at will depend on a variety of factors. As well as personal preferences and the type of vaping experience you’re after, it’s important to only vape at the wattages your device allows for.


If you can adjust the vape wattage, it’ll come with a wattage range you can use this device at. Similarly, the ideal wattage for the coil you’re using will usually be written on the side of the coil itself, or on the packaging it comes in. Following these recommendations help ensure you’re using the device properly, and getting the most out of what the vape can offer.

How Wattage Affects Throat Hit

The wattage you vape at depends on many different elements of the vape, all of which can contribute to the type of throat hit you get. Sub-ohm coils are commonly used to vape at higher wattages. This vaping style typically uses e-liquids with lower nicotine levels and a higher VG to PG ratio (such as 70/30). All of this can typically result in a smoother throat hit.


In comparison, plus-ohm coils are typically used to vape at lower wattages. This style of vaping is designed for nicotine salts, which have a relatively high nicotine content and a 50/50 VG/PG ratio. When using the correct coil for plus ohm vaping, users may find that it provides a stronger throat hit.


The best type of throat hit is a matter of personal preference. So when choosing a vape, it’s important to check its wattage range – as well as the other key aspects we’ve covered in this article – to help you find a device that delivers the throat hit you’re looking for.

How Wattage Affects Flavour

The wattage you vape at can bring out different flavours in the e-liquid. This is because different flavour elements will vaporise at different temperatures – and therefore different wattages. Flavours will be at their best when vaped at the correct temperatures for the device and coil’s optimum output.


That said, everyone has unique tastes and flavour preferences. If you’re unsure what wattage will best bring out your vape juice’s flavours, it’s a good idea to check for any recommended vape wattage ranges. Work your way up the range from the lowest one until you find the perfect level.

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