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    ID Creative design(Product appearance design)

    The in-depth understanding of design needs, clear product planning and target group definition to make design innovation effective and targeted.

    Rounds of brainstorming generating sketches, and then conducting 3D modeling after internal audit, giving internal audited PPT proposal for customers.Providing gorgeous appearance、comfortable experience and exceed expectation products.Analyzing the color, material and process of product design through CMF system to reach high standards of products details on cost、materials and producing process.


    Product structure design

    Product structure design achieves to the unity of aesthetic sense and modeling focusing on integrity and realizability. The structure design considers both the convenience of processing and installation, and the maintenance of the device.

    This is important to structure design to optimize the assembly of products, thus ensure the outstanding appearance and cost-effective. Multidimensional structure innovation is crucial important for product differentiation, and guarantees the completion of products successfully.


    Function Design

    Providing product function design based on usage scenario simulation. Development and production of electronic structure. Integrated solution about software and hardware development and testing, functional prototype development and debugging and etc.

    Information framework and process review

    Prototype layout and scene simulation

    Research on user interaction experience



    Packing solution

    We provide integrated packaging solutions,all services solve you extra worries.

    1.Reduce the total cost of supply chain Reduce the total cost of the entire supply chain by optimizing packaging

    2.Optimized packaging material Based on the research of various material properties and rich application experience, we can customize the most suitable packaging scheme for products.

    3.Global supply and service network Sikary’s worldwide supply and service network can provide uniform packaging and services to global customers.


    Sikary reduce the overall transportation cost of customers through the optimization of packaging design. Customized packaging can improve the stacking density of products obviously, thus saving the transportation cost of a single piece.

    Sikary's design of packaging can let you better and faster to complete the product packaging, and save you labor cost in packing and loading.


    Sikary can not only provide overall packaging solutions, but also provide JIT/OEM services, so that you can access to packaging products in time, thus reducing inventory and operating costs.

    Sikary's packaging solution provides comprehensive protection during transportation and reducing the risk of product damage greatly. At the same time we reduce packaging costs by using minimal materials.


    Sikary's packaging solutions achieves foldable stuffing and stacking capabilities for packaged products, thus reducing storage space and cost greatly.

    Sikary's packaging solution uses environmentally friendly materials that reduce the cost of disposing of waste dramatically.

    In the supply chain, the product will go through several times of handling and different modes of transportation, which will bring different shocks and vibrations to the product. At the same time, humidity and temperature will change depend on time and region, which need to be considering when design the packaging.

    Sikary’s design team with rich experience could provide your products with appropriate packaging with different materials, thus ensure that the product is well protected in the transportation process.

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