WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

YOUTH PREVENTION (21+):for existing adult smokers and vapers only.


This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

youth prevention(21+):

for existing adult smokers and vapers only.

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5 little known facts about E-cigarette – have you heard them?

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    Here are five things you may not know about vaping that you should consider before using e-cigarettes. Vaping is the act of inhaling a vapour created by an electronic device called a vape. The vapour usually contains nicotine and other chemicals. Vaping is addictive, and it can contain harmful substances that can damage your health. Additionally, second-hand vapour can also put non-vapers at risk. If you are a smoker, vaping may seem like a safer alternative, but it is still harmful to your health.

    1.Nothing Burns

    If you want to use e-cigarettes, you don’t need a lighter. This is because e-cigs use a battery to create heat. The device includes a vaporizer and cartridge, which holds the liquid. When you start to inhale the e-cigarette, the battery activates the heater, which heats up the liquid inside, creating vapor. Some e-cigs have an LED tip that glows red. Even though some e-cigarettes look like normal cigarettes, the vaping devices don’t burn tobacco, so there is no smoke, no smell, and what you inhale is pure vapor.

    2.E-cigarettes Contain Liquid Nicotine

    Although e-cigarettes do not burn tobacco leaves, they still contain nicotine. The liquid inside the device is a mixture of chemicals, including nicotine, various flavors such as fruit, candy and coffee, and propylene glycol, which is a solvent. The specific amount of nicotine in the liquid depends on the mixture found in the nicotine cartridge. Some e-cigarettes have the same amount of nicotine as traditional cigarettes. Some liquids have a lower amount of nicotine similar to light or ultra light cigarettes. If you want to smoke without harmful effects, select a liquid solution that has no nicotine. We advise trying ZOVOO’s new VINCIBAR F600, which is available in a nicotine-free version and is ideal for beginners.

    3.E-cigarettes are toxic

    Smoking cigarettes is very harmful because it contains over 7,000 chemicals, and 69 of them are known to cause cancer. Were you aware that e-cigarettes are also damaging to our bodies due to the liquid nicotine? Additionally, certain e-cigarette models may emit metals such as tin while in use. In some instances, other harmful substances such as toxins and carcinogens can also be present.

    4.E-cigarettes are Reusable

    As long as your E-cigarette battery is fully charged, you can use it depending on its type and model. Most E-cigarettes have a USB or car charger alongside. You can refill some types by putting in a new cartridge or filling an empty one.

    5.E-cigarettes Produce Second-hand Vapor

    E-cigarettes can create secondhand vapor. Nicotine is found in e-cigarettes due to the liquid nicotine mixed with other chemicals and flavorings. E-cigarettes are considered less harmful compared to regular cigarettes because they do not burn tobacco, even though they contain nicotine. Secondhand aerosol has a minimal amount of tobacco toxins such as carbon monoxide, but it can impact the lungs.

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